Soft Tissues

by To the South, Bluebird

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Dakó Viola
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Dakó Viola Sorin is a magnificent artist, I just can't get enough of this album. I am so enchanted by it, it feels like swimming in a warm lake full with vortexes ♥ Favorite track: Mother's Tongue, Father's Teeth.
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there's a light to know but I don’t mind I do not mind there's a life to know out of my mind out of my mind they all come and go but I cannot mind I cannot don't need to love you now don't mean to love you my mother's tongue I can't heal my wounds with my father's teeth and how they'd never fit in the name of the father there I was hidden too in the heart of the mother nothing to see through my mother's tongue that I'd never get my father's teeth that I can't forget this was supposed to be loud and I know that it's a shame such a beautiful mouth for sighing to be built
Little Life 04:43
in the flatlands where life is small where the hands are still where'd you go turned your back to the turning swarms turned your face from the sun I have never found my way around your lie your wasting your hasting you're now bathing in empty seas I have never in my life seen the good in it
Birthmarks 04:07
tease me please me did you really think that I'd come out peel skin comforting sin did you really think that I could show have you seen all my birthmarks have you seen 'em at all they're starting to glow your love's the seedless fruit I've sown your mouth the heaviest stone you've grown am I doing it right unless you'll turn towards light tease me please me did you really think that I'd come out have you seen all my birthmarks have you seen 'em at all they're starting to show
Soft Tissues 03:12
what’d you do to me I'll come up back lately in the spring all that's lost and hid deep in the ground I'll bloom out loud I'll follow you around at night there's this fever that I can't hear what you say at light unbeliever I cannot make your love sway I cannot make your love not the man of the house not a keeper anything that'd make you stay soft a deceiver what you see is what you get lost and hid deep in the ground that I can't hear what you say
Care 05:49
I struck this lightning but you didn’t care got into all this fighting so much for you to care I made myself those bruises but you didn’t care I’d make myself so useless but I thought you wouldn’t care you might as well give up whatever suits your pain might as well give up don’t do it in my name blue waters in my cup I thought you’d have one too but it’s never enough I thought you’d hate one too the lines you drew make-believe a tangled truth your eyes deceived it’s all for you to make amends now go back through you’ll understand I might as well give up on you...
every other god I've prayed to left me bitter and awaiting now I come in front of you with idle hands to beg for grasp cause I'm growing tired and I need you just as much as you need me but you want someone to blame and I'm the only one you've ever got don't look away for I'm the only one you have I wasn’t there but you needn’t split my mind in half go leave me you'll always come back for affection with eyes cast down conceal me so the world cannot see imperfection then make me sound I'd believe it but you're living on doubt and transgression it’s in my blood you won’t see it you got so consumed by your own reflection and all melt down
now here's the thing about it the walls will crush you in the end though you cannot see around you there is this noise you cannot mend I've heard it all but I can’t see for myself I couldn’t care less couldn’t brace for the swell I've felt it all but I can't speak for myself I couldn’t know less but the walls of the bell you say there is nothing wrong but then nothing is good either you're choosing not to play along bound to a life hopelessly little don’t look me in the eye I'm violent I'm tender don’t look me in the eye I'm only silence pretender don’t look me in the eye there's nothing but ember don’t look me in the eye I'm no one's son surrender
Braille 09:56
you’ll meet me blind I’ll see enough to lead you out you’ll read me blind you’ll feel enough the bumps on my heart you’re hidden now will you come out and greet the grace and evil for all the parts that I’m missing for all the times that I messed you’re all the parts that I’m missing all the gold in my chest viața-n ochiul tău mirarea-n ochiul tău avântu-n ochiul tău și greața tot acolo minciuna-n ochiul tău durerea-n ochiul tău plânsu-n ochiul tău lumina-i tot acolo iubirea-n ochiul tău și miezu-n ochiul tău mila-n ochiul tău și moartea tot acolo groaza-n ochiul tău ispita-n ochiul tău căderea-n ochiul tău și zborul tot acolo tu ai ce să-mi arăți tu ai ce să îmi lași dar tu cu ce rămâi când nu vrei să împarți văzută-n ochiul tău se-nchide-n ochiul tău strivită-n ochiul tău lumea e oarbă-n ochiul tău
The Diver 05:15
should you know what lies inside you’d jump right in make the lands slide should’ve known but I just had a feeling gazing deep down would open the ceiling I can’t open my mind could you open my mind if I’ll open my mind can you fill it I can’t open my mind could you open my mind if I’ll open my mind is it empty or spilling a blinding spark the eye used to the dark cannot see it can’t believe it but a diver at heart would not be afraid of the dark will keep swimming if only I had a heart I could rip this beast apart but I can’t swim it I can’t swim it
you look abundant still I offer flesh and blood since you cared for me since you needed company you'll teach me loudness and I'll sing you back to sleep you'll make me flawless and I'll bury myself deep you'll bring the courage I'll bring the fear the ark of my flood the salt crystals of my tear you shine your teeth and I bite my tongue you don’t need me to pretend what is broken I can mend but I just wanted to slip in your coat and wear it proud your sweet mouth I should not taste and I wish I had somewhere to turn but my heart breaks crushed in your jaws burst like grapes and I, I'm not blind just looked away from the world into your mouth but there's nothing here...


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released November 15, 2019

Many thanks to Rahel Türk-König for being a part of this album and believing in it.

Thank you Meda Alice for the art cover.


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To the South, Bluebird Romania

To the South, Bluebird is a one-man dream pop/alternative/post-rock project from Transylvania, Romania. Recorded two albums in a bedroom, the last one, Soft Tissues, having Rahel Türk-König as a guest singer and live performances companion.

Songs about loving, leaving, longing.

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